Reviewing of Best 2019 Updated Rolex Day-Date 36 Replica Watches

In 2019, Rolex Day-Date 36 replique finally caught up with its big brother Day-Date40. As early as 2015, Rolex launched the new Day-Date 40. The watch first introduced pas cher montres Rolex replique’s new-generation 32xx movement, the second day accuracy test of the most advanced chronometer-2 / + 2, and is located in precious metals. The part of the presidential bracelet with ceramic inserts between the links.

Updated Day-Date 36 Replica Watches

The 2019 Day-Date 36 does have subtle differences in appearance and feel. When Rolex replique montres watches performed certain treatments on the watch cases, part of the reason for the above modifications was to simplify the manufacture of these watch cases. Of course, the work of implementing a new process is usually very cumbersome, but in the end, the new generation of cases seems simpler. Imagine the « super case » on the Submariner, which has eliminated the polished edges and brushed outline, and replaced it with a large polished outline.

The width of the bracelet, the width of the lugs and the ratio between most of the case have changed. It looks like a wider bracelet, and a thinner lugs and case profile, which to me makes them look like small best replica watches that want to be the same size. At the same time-I know, in a controversial situation-I cannot choose any of these new dial versions other than the classic champagne dial, and I find that they will be as masculine as the previous version.

The new Day-Date 36. The latest generation of the 3255 movement is definitely a peach. From the point of view of a watch nerd, it is both impressive and attractive in terms of daily functions. The new dials are far from winning my approval-the « ombré » dials will be a fashion, which is good, just like those previously owned by Rolex replique, many of which have now become the work of people’s dreams. I just don’t think this is ideal for 36mm presentations. The slightly strange outline of the case and the ratio of the bracelet to the bracelet may be just a mirage.